Bakersfield Mist by Stephen Sachs

The Book Club Play by Karen Zacarias


Assassination Theater by Hillel Levin


Graveyard of Empires by Elaine Romero

The Gun Show by EM Lewis


Lay Me Down Softly by Billy Roche

LayMeDown-16“And the actors — each of them pure perfection, but also a model of ensemble synergy — not only live in the immediate moment of their characters’ lives, but magically suggest the years of rage, disappointment, frustration and loss that have made them who they are. …in its U.S. premiere under the exemplary direction of Kevin Christopher Fox, “Lay Me Down Softly” proves a real knockout.” -Chicago Sun Times

4 Stars! – Timeout Chicago

“Director Kevin Christopher Fox’s production is a great reminder that what’s abandoned on the side of the road may come back to haunt us when the wind shifts.” -Gapers Block

“Kevin Christopher Fox’s direction and the nimble cast tease out a warm, bittersweet character study of people who are never entirely at home in their own skins, fearful of both commitment and of escape.” -Chicago Tribune

“The Seanachai Theatere Company actors give a fearless performance of a great script.” -Irish American News


Buicks by Julian Sheppard

Poster 0014This is one of those “hidden gems discovered in a tiny theater during the dog days of summer” stories that Chicago is so good at generating. … a terrifically acted production by Precious Mettle Theatre” -Chicago Sun Times

“How often does this happen? A new theatre gets everything right the first time out.” -Chicago Free Press

” Ultimately, whichever ride you allow “Buicks” to take you on–Bill’s psychological journey to reclaim an identity or Naranja’s emotional one to find one–the final destination will be a deeply satisfying conclusion to a stirring night of theater.” -New City

“nowhere will we see the investment of loving attention that we do in this coming-of-middle-age parable”-Windy City Times

“Credit to Sheppard and director Kevin Fox, who turn self-doubt and self-loathing into something madcap and quirky…See it while you still can”- Chicago Tribune



Widowers’ Houses by George Bernard Shaw

WH_091_1“TimeLine has mounted an altogether glittering production, from its zestily paced, pitch-perfect direction by Kevin Fox …” -Chicago Sun Times

“…the scintillating revival by the TimeLine Theatre.”-Copley News Service

“In the past three or four years, Shaw has been given a number of noteworthy productions, including a lavish (but murky)   production of Heartbreak House by the venerable Goodman.  In this reviewer’s opinion, however, none compare with the ensemble work and intelligence of the TimeLine team—which is always testimony of the invisible but sure hand of a good director. ” – Indepedent Shavian Review

The bright staging by Kevin Fox (usually a thespian) is so ridiculously arch it threatens to scrape the proscenium…Fox’s flamboyant but intelligent staging” -Time Out Chicago

Chicago’s TimeLine Theatre delivers a sparkling, fast-paced revival” -Daily Herald

“Splendidly showcased in Kevin Fox’s flawless staging, this gadfly drama is the artistic equivalent of discovering traces of cocaine on dollar bills. In a capitalist system, where profits, not the public good, prevail, we are corrupted, Shaw implies, without knowledge or consent.” -Chicago Free Press



The Last Days  of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adlly Guirgis

images-3“…Judas Iscariot” will blow you away…old-fashioned Chicago acting that insists on gutsy human veracity. Judas would appreciate that. Wherever he may be.” Chicago Tribune

“The play is never less than riveting.” -Daily Herald

With a cast of 16 playing almost twice as many characters, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot is a wildly ambitious piece of work for a tiny storefront such as the Gift, yet they pull it off with a mighty passion and humanity.-Windy City Times

“Though the play could easily devolve into a scenery-chewing mess, Fox, an actor-director adept at coaxing strong performances, makes a fine match.” -Time Out Chicago



St. Crispin’s Day by Matt Pepper

images-7“…thought provoking and savagely funny. The real story here, though, is Kevin Christopher Fox’s staging for Strawdog Theatre Company. From Anders Jacobson and Judy Radovsky’s muddy, mist-enshrouded scenic design to the gleefully depraved performances of the cast, this production reinforces at every turn the argument that war degrades and distorts human nature.” -Chicago Reader

“The tirelessly irreverent troupe stages a raucous and riotous historical comedy directed by Kevin Christopher Fox, making his Strawdog debut. Fox’s fresh perspective results in a nonstop, action packed, down and dirty (quite literally) take on battlefield dynamics.” -Edge Chicago


Betrayal by Harold Pinter

_IGP8998“…No one’s hands are clean in this taut 80-minute play, which is punctuated by meaningful pregnant pauses characteristic of the late British playwright’s work.” – Pioneer Press

“…The minimalist staging and set leave the bulk of the show on the shoulders of the actors, who make skilled use of the text, while director Kevin Fox keeps the action moving with well-designed transitions. As the points of Pinter’s triangle, Kathy Logelin, Ian Novak, and Mark Richard pepper the subtle cruelties of the piece with dry humor.” -Chicago Reader

“…Betrayal with direction by Kevin Christopher Fox is a wonderful creation of drama with superb acting and tremendous minimalist sets.” -Oak Park Journal



Accidental Rapture by Eric Pfeffinger

IMG_2774“a tightly directed production by Kevin Christopher Fox that makes creative use of the very intimate 16th Street space, augmented by a universally fine cast.” –New City   

“Director Kevin Christopher Fox smartly directs this tale of a contemporary crisis of faith, effectively heightening the energy as we focus on two couples, one atheist, the other born-again Christian.”Oak Park Journal




Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw

hm1“Arms and the Man,” now getting a top-notch revival by Oak Park Festival Theatre, as a canvas to debunk romantic ideas about war, love and class. And under Kevin Christopher Fox’s direction, a finely tuned cast assures that none of Shaw’s comic overtones lose their edge.”- Pioneer Press

“…Fox’s production manages Shaw’s intricate drawing-room plot elegantly. He also draws fine, if rather stylized, performances from his cast, particularly a trio of grandly comic portraits forming the play’s central romantic triangle.” -Time Out Chicago

“…director Fox is able to skillfully brush the dust off this artful classic, crafting a tight, fast-paced production that will hold the attention of even most techno-centric theatergoer.” -New City

“Oak Park Festival Theatre’s revival …is nearly pitch-perfect. Shaw doesn’t weigh down his story with editorializing, and the performances are confident and energetic. Director Kevin Christopher Fox’s graceful, intelligent staging takes full advantage of its setting, the living room of Oak Park’s historic Pleasant Home, without overdoing it.” – Chicago Reader



Beggars in the House of Plenty by John Patrick Shanley

l-1“Raw, weird memory play features dazzling staging and excellent performances!…with Mary-Arrchie’s fine staging and the powerful acting by the entire ensemble. This is a strong, abstract show that will rock you to your bones as it both engages you and confuses you…Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, Karl Potthoff and Daniel Behrendt anchor the excellent ensemble. This play will shake your world.”

“the performances here are worth seeing, particularly Daniel Behrendt as Joey, a swaggering, unpredictable force who is charming and dicey and ultimately crushed by forces that Shanley (Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, tender and rough around the edges) was better equipped to escape. Mary Jo Bolduc plays Ma, and she has just the right flat accent and abrasiveness.”

– Chicago Tribune

“ricochets between humor and sadness, even terror”-Chicago Reader

“4 out of 4 stars!…an earth shaking work.”



Fall of the House by Robert Ford

“An intricate and fascinating work of art… you will hang on every word.” –What’s Up!



Sundown Town by Kevin Cohea

“Brutal, stunning, beautiful.” -What’s Up!