Graveyard of Empires

by Elaine Romero

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A world premiere at 16th Street Theater. The first play in her trilogy, THE U.S. AT WAR




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But what did you think about your show, Kevin?   This gorgeous fever dream meditation about modern US warfare and what we ask of our soldiers was brought to vivid life by our ridiculously great cast and design team. The low-ceiling blackbox at 16th Street has never felt so expansive. Heartbreakingly intimate, funny and messy moments between family and friends in the face of Greek-level tragedy. Gorgeous language, and these actors made it sing. The visual and sonic world of the play were f-ing awesome. They enveloped us, they transported us, they immersed us. -KCF







Graveyard of Empires by Elaine Romero. A world premiere. 16th Street Theater

Cast: George Booker, Joe Dempsey, Katherine Keberlein, Rob Koon, Karen Rodriguez, Nelson Rodriguez  Designs: Anthony Churchill (sets and media), Matt Kooi (lighting), Emily Waecker (costumes), Barry Bennett (sound and original music), Jesse Gaffney (props)