“An accomplished actor, Fox knows how to make other actors create characters so real in two hours that you feel you’ve known them a thousand times longer.”  –Chicago Free Press

Original Music by Darren Spitzer and Kevin Fox

[wpaudio url=”http://kevinchristopherfox.com/audio/buicks/arrogance.mp3″ dl=”0″ text=”Arrogance”]

[wpaudio url=”http://kevinchristopherfox.com/audio/buicks/NaranjasSong.mp3″ dl=”0″ text=”Naranja’s Song”]

[wpaudio url=”http://kevinchristopherfox.com/audio/buicks/sexyacousticsc15.mp3″ dl=”0″ text=”Sexy Acoustic”]

[wpaudio url=”http://kevinchristopherfox.com/audio/buicks/endofplay.mp3″ dl=”0″ text=”End of Play”]