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Originally from Asheville, North Carolina, Kevin, who created this website to write about himself in the third person, is an actor and stage director, based in Chicago.

New Press for LAY ME DOWN SOFTLY and Kevin Moore podcast!

If you like reviews, here are four awesome new raves for the show:

Irish American News  Gaper’s Block  Sheridan Road Magazine and The Incomparable Ada Grey .Or if you prefer a bit of conversation, here’s the super-chill Kevin Moore podcast. We chat about Lay Me Down Softly and other things theatre. The whole show’s cool -the Kevins chat starts around 42:50. Have a listen and we hope you’ll come check out the show this weekend!   H K

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ALL COMERS! Lay Me Down Softly by Billy Roche -US Premiere with Seanachai

Hello world of websites and people who visit them! Here it is, yo. I couldn’t be more proud to share my latest show, the US Premiere of Lay Me Down Softly by Billy Roche, with the wonderful people at Seanachai Theatre Company. The show is open and has received great response. It plays through May 25 at The Den Theatre, 1333 N Milwaukee in Chicago (coolest venue in the city!). This show is backstage at a traveling boxing show in rural Ireland, 1962. The writing is gorgeous, the design is stellar and the cast will blow you the f- away. See artists working at the top of their game in this fascinating world! for details See you at the Show! H K

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