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All Comers! Lovers of plays, lovers of acting. Lovers, fighters, Love lovers, Fight lovers, all a yez. LAY ME DOWN SOFTLY tonight and tomorrow are your last chances-get in the ring! www.seanachai.orgimage

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Join us! The Irish midlands, 1962. “it doesn’t just feel like you are watching a play. It feels like you are actually there”

-Ada Grey, from her review of the show. One of my favorite quotes about it. 

Yeh what? Yez haven’t seen it yet? 8 more shows, the US Premiere of Lay Me Down Softly by Billy Roche. Get transported to this fascinating backstage world of a traveling boxing show in rural Ireland, 1962. These actors will take you there. There are so many great shows playing and closing soon in Chicago. Hope ours makes your list! for tickets and info. H K




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New Press for LAY ME DOWN SOFTLY and Kevin Moore podcast!

If you like reviews, here are four awesome new raves for the show:

Irish American News  Gaper’s Block  Sheridan Road Magazine and The Incomparable Ada Grey .Or if you prefer a bit of conversation, here’s the super-chill Kevin Moore podcast. We chat about Lay Me Down Softly and other things theatre. The whole show’s cool -the Kevins chat starts around 42:50. Have a listen and we hope you’ll come check out the show this weekend!   H K

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